Childrens working in Victorian Age

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Victorian Times was an intense time of change. The Industrial Revolution marked the difference between rural life and the hectic movement in the poor dwellings, factories and palaces of the big city. New inventions such as the steam engine, the railway, and mass production shaped society at that time. People use to drive in wagons and they would get their horses as well. A person I know called queen victoria ugly. Rude or not ?

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In general, in the Victorian times, the jobs where the classes where rigid and contructed his own and exclusived world, based in the Victorian Economy, in this case, we where going to talk of the Child's Jobs.

Child's jobs:

The labor of the childs in the Victorian Age was principally in the agriculture. that was acording of their habilities, small size and his agility. The children worked at the same conditions of the oldest ones, and 16 hours per day.

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