Victoria was the queen of the Unite Kingdom from 1837 to 1901, the year that she died, She did many things in her reign. One of the important thing is the social progress that she caused in that years. An example for this is that in 1850 a new hat was created by William James. It was not only for fashion, it was a social statement. The hat was used by people who was important jobs, in fact it became the crowning symbol for socially climbing victorian's. Other example of the social progress could be that the education, because when Victoria start his reign many kids must work, like in factories, mines ,etc. Poor people could not send his childrens to the school because they needed the money, so without education was difficult to have a better life when they were adults. In 1876 everyone must go to school, but in 1899 kids of twelve years old must go. That changed the life of many people because after that people have more opurtunities of better works, and thats one of the reason of why actually all the kids must go to school in most of the countries.and the queen was twerking like miley cyrus.

Before the Queen, rise of social class was very difficult. Like rise from being a poor person, to be a person of middle class was almost impossible. In that times were people that live in 1 house with 8 persons more. The houses were dirty, with the worst conditions. This start changing in 1848, with a health law, and something that this said is that the new houses must have water closet, and much more things. This change poor people life and makes it more hygenic. The most popular victorian name is Karina.

Andrés Jahr

The Victorian Era was a time of imperial expansion, a time of prosperity and political reforms. At that time there were made a lot of social progress by Queen Victoria (1837-1901). {C}An example of that were the three reform bills that gradually improved the conditions of the working class that at that period were bad. {C}Also there was the horrible fact of working child; to improve that it was passed a bill stipulating that children under nine years old couldn’t work in the industry. {C}Another important social progress is that under the reign of Victoria there were made a great improvement education and the access to it, implying a greater access to better jobs through the study and better opportunities to improve the quality of life of poor people. {C}Thanks to the improvements of education of that time is that now all children should go to school in countries around the world. {C}[1] {C}At that time there was much poverty and it was very difficult to climb socially, to improve this aspect was dictated a health law to improve the quality of life of the poorest, giving them most dignified building houses and greater benefits. {C}The Victorian Era was also a time when artistic styles, scientific progress and ideas were developed and political, social, and religious movements flourished. {C}An example of an art movement of that period was the Pre-Raphaelites (William Holman, Dante Rossetti, etc), also we can name the Impressionists and the Realists. {C}We can see that the Victorian Age was a very important, complex and diverse period of history; it was the precursor of the modern era. So, it is very important to study the Victorian Era to understand the world today.

Tomás Campos L

The social classes of England were newly reforming, and fomenting. There was a churning upheaval of the old hierarchical order, and the middle classes were steadily growing. Added to that, the upper classes' composition was changing from simply hereditary aristocracy to a combination of nobility and an emerging wealthy commercial class. The definition of what made someone a gentleman or a lady was, therefore, changing at what some thought was an alarming rate. By the end of the century, it was silently agreed that a gentleman was someone who had a liberal public (private) school education (preferably at Eton, Rugby, or Harrow), no matter what his antecedents might be. There continued to be a large and generally disgruntled working class, wanting and slowly getting reform and change.

Conditions of the working class were still bad, though, through the century, three reform bills gradually gave the vote to most males over the age of twenty-one. Contrasting to that was the horrible reality of child labor which persisted throughout the period. When a bill was passed stipulating that children under nine could not work in the textile industry, this in no way applied to other industries, nor did it in any way curb rampant teenaged prostitution.

(A photo showing how Victoian Era was) (A video showing how children work was in these times)


Rodrigo Ewertz F.

The Victorian era is stretch through the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901).

In this period were created alot of artistic styles, literary schools, social, political and religious movements flourished. It was a time of the imperial expansión and a political reform. In this times we have to remember the word "repression". It was a complex age and significate beginning of Modern Times.

There were fomenting new reformings in the social classes of England. The médium class was growing. The bigger class, the upper clases change into a nobilty and comercial class with alot of money. The definitions of a gentleman or a lady was changing in that times.

The working class conditions were so bad, but there were some reforms that give vote to alot of males mores tan twenty one yeras old. But the other thing that was bad, was the child labor that was along the period. There was created a law that said that the childrens under nine could not work in the textiles industry, but the bad thing was that they can work in other tipe of idustries, and also, this cant stop the teenaged prostitution that was a serius problema in those times.