Dining Room Etiquette

Nothing indicates the good breeding of a gentleman so much as his manners at table….a man may pass muster by dressing well, and may sustain himself tolerable in conversation; but if he be not perfectly au fait, dinner will betray him. The gentlemen seats his escort to his left and remains standing until all the ladies present are seated. If the dinner is a buffet he must bring his escort her plate.

Did you know?

Married couples are never seated together.

Ladies remove their gloves once they are seated; gentlemen however must remove their gloves just prior to being seated.

The senior lady, either by age or social standing, is always led in first by the host of the party. The hostess arrives last on the arm of the senior male.

It is ridiculous to make a display of your napkin.

Never ask for "meat" instead of beef.

Never turn up your cuffs in carving.

Never take bread, even when it is within your reach, instead of calling upon the servant.

Never cut your bread with a knife, it should be broken by hand.

Always use your napkin before and after drinking.

Victorian Etiquette

Victorian Etiquette


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